Women With Brothers Earn LESS & Hell Hath No Fury


Women With Brothers Earn LESS & Hell Hath No Fury Disney

We all remember the times when our brothers were an absolute pain in the ass, right?

Well, you’re about to experience a new level of anger for him that surpasses that of the time he destroyed your favourite doll...

A new study has found that having a brother actually decreases a women’s earning by 10%. 


The study from Cornell University found this to be true of women in their late twenties and early thirties, while those who didn’t have a brother only had a 5% gender wage gap. 

Of course, it’s not like it’s your brother's fault. 

But that won’t stop you from unleashing your fury...

The researchers being the study, Angela Cools and Eleonora Patacchini, found that women who had brothers were more likely to concentrate on ‘family-centric behaviour’ - e.g. Have a long-term committed relationship, plan to have kids/already have children, carry out more family responsibilities, due to them being of a higher priority than those women who do not have brothers. 



Well, they found that girls with brothers were more likely to adopt more traditional gender roles at an early age (the same goes for their brothers). 

"Traditional gender role attitudes continue to contribute to the gender wage gap in the United States, but the development of these attitudes is not well understood.

"By examining the role of sibling gender composition on women’s wages, we show that exogenous changes in family environments can lead women to adopt less sex-typed attitudes and behaviours, potentially reducing earnings gaps between men and women later in life.”


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