Women Are Happier With LESS Attractive Men

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Women Are Happier With LESS Attractive Men Warner Bros. Television

Have you ever heard anyone say that relationships work better when the woman is MORE attractive than the man she is with?

A lot of us shrugged it off and held hope in relationships being more than just about the physical and the effect that has on the duo. 

But, according to a new study from Florida State University, there’s research to confirm that heterosexual relationships and marriages are more successful when the woman is the more attractive one… 


Looking at 113 newlywed couples, averaged in their late 20s, the study examined their relationships and their attractiveness (by researchers from Southern Methodist University and Florida State University). 

The couples were asked to fill in questionnaires exploring desires to remain fit and physically ‘sexy’. 

A researcher from the study, Tania Reynolds, revealed, "The results reveal that having a physically attractive husband may have negative consequences for wives, especially if those wives are not particularly attractive.

"The research suggests there might be social factors playing a role in women's disordered eating.”

The findings also showed:

Women with more attractive husbands were:

  • more likely to constantly diet and lose weight to look better
  • more likely to develop eating disorders as a result of social factors from their partner’s appearance

Women with less attractive husbands:

  • felt less of a need to diet and change their appearance all the time
  • happier in their relationship as a result of confidence levels

While this was the fact for women, the study showed that men weren’t as driven by the pressure from their partner’s physical appearance. 

"In contrast, men's dieting motivations were not significantly associated with their own and their partners' attractiveness.

BUT, the study DID show that men with more attractive partners were more likely to go out of their way to make their partner happy. 

“The husbands seemed to be basically more committed, more invested in pleasing their wives when they felt that they were getting a pretty good deal."

While the study only looked at a small sample, it could be well worth looking into this further!

You can find the study HERE