Woman Who Says She Was Too Sick To Work Spotted Holidaying In Greece By Co-Worker

She took five weeks off!

Woman Who Says She Was Too Sick To Work Spotted Holidaying In Greece By Co-Worker @hannah_ryann Instagram/AAP

A woman has been placed in a bit of an uncomfortable position after discovering one of her work colleagues was lying about why she was on sick leave.

The woman posted a question to parenting forum Mumsnet about a work colleague who was 14 weeks pregnant and had so far taken five weeks off work due to Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG), a severe form of morning sickness.

She explained that her colleague had been seeing a doctor and has handed in a number of medical certificates, confirming her sickness... but then whilst scrolling through Facebook, she discovered that her colleague wasn't so sick.

"By complete coincidence, she is Facebook friends with a friend of mine.

"My friend has put some pictures on Facebook this morning of her Greek holiday she’s still on, and my work colleague is in most of them — sunbathing, eating, swimming in the sea, playing volleyball. She has obviously blocked me as she is tagged in the pictures but her name is unclickable.

"I’m gonna sound like a complete cow, but I think she’s faking her sickness.

"She’s on full pay from work and we’re having to pay an agency temp to cover her work too. It’s a small company that is struggling and I doubt we’re going to make any profit this month due to this."



The woman then asked the forum if she should dob in her colleague or not.

HG is a form of morning sickness during pregnancy that involves unrelenting severe nausea, persistent vomiting, dehydration, headaches and maternal weight loss, among other things.

Many women are hospitalised due to HG, with others becoming bedridden.

Women who have experienced, or are currently experiencing HG, have commented on the woman's question saying that by the sounds of it, her colleague definitely isn't suffering from the sickness.

One person wrote: "I had hyperemesis. It was diagnosed when I ended up in hospital on a drip. I couldn’t move without vomiting.

"I have never felt so ill in my life — it was awful. I missed a friend’s wedding as there’s no way I could have gone."

Eventually, the woman decided to tell her boss about her colleague's discreet holiday and how did her boss react?

They sent the colleague a friend request on Facebook!

Imagine seeing that whilst you're tanning on the beach and trying to keep it a secret from your boss! 


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