Woman Shames Engagement Ring, Whole Internet Loses Their Sh@#

Bigger is NOT better

Woman Shames Engagement Ring, Whole Internet Loses Their Sh@# Twitter @ daymjina

Love is love, and when you decide to get engaged and married, the ring itself is not what matters most: it’s the meaning of it. 

So no matter how big or small, cheap or expensive it is, everything comes down to the love you share with your partner. 

But this woman didn’t seem to get the memo, when she took to Twitter to shame someone who had got this beautiful engagement ring.


As you can imagine, the Twittersphere took offence to her ‘joke’ and ripped right into her. 

Here’s a collection of just some of the backlash:

  • “I didn’t know people could be this shallow.”
  • “To make fun of the ring that someone though would make you happy is incredibly shallow.”
  • “Back in the day my ancestors would marry each other because of love, they would have nothing but their love, no rings no big weddings.”
  • “Not trying to be rude but why are you caring about how big the diamond is? If you love him you really wouldn’t care about how much he spent on the ring. Plus he picked it out for a reason, He probably thought it was perfect for you or that it meant something to him…"
  • “My girlfriend picked out the engagement ring she wants. It’s smaller than that. The size of the ring doesn’t matter."

Unfortunately, some agreed with her, saying things like, “Why will anybody that values anybody get someone this grain of stone.”

We feel like they’ve missed the point of love and of marriage...

In the real world, ‘bigger isn’t better’ when it comes to rings. 

The only thing that’s better if it’s bigger, is the love you show to your special someone.