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Woman’s Nightmare Haircut Goes From Bad To Worse & We Can’t Look Away

We'd FREAK out...

Woman’s Nightmare Haircut Goes From Bad To Worse & We Can’t Look Away Facebook @ Danni Draper

We’ve all been to the hairdresser and cringed after we’ve seen the aftermath of their handiwork, only to lie that ‘oh we LOVE it!’

Sound familiar? Yeah, we thought so. 

Unfortunately for this woman, she had a run in with the same cringeworthy moment and it’s so bad we’re cringing, too.

According to, 26-year-old sales rep Danni Draper went to a Queensland salon, asking for “a little trim and colour.”

However, when Danni left the hairdresser, she looked at the pic the salon took of her hair from the back, and witness this...

Image: Facebook @ Danni Draper. 

In her Facebook status, she wrote, "This is nothing like a concave cut at all, if she was not confident in the cut then I would have appreciated her being honest and saying so I would have just got a trim.”

Danni went back to the salon, requesting a refund for the haircut and that they would fix their mess. 

Unfortunately they weren’t able to fix it… 

The salon has since placed blame on Danni for the mishap, saying she didn’t give them the chance to complete the style. 


Have YOU had a run in like this? Let us know!


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