Why David Attenborough Doesn't Help Dying Animals, When We REALLY Want Him To


Why David Attenborough Doesn't Help Dying Animals, When We REALLY Want Him To BBC

Let’s face it, as amazing and moving as Sir David Attenborough and his documentaries are, we can’t help but scream at the TV - WHY oh why will you not help that poor baby seal all by himself as he is surrounded by killer whales?!?

A lot of us already get that it’s just about letting nature run its course, but now, Sir David Attenborough has opened up about why he didn't let his crew interfere while they filmed Dynasties, as they were forced to watch a chimpanzee die after being viciously attacked by a rival group. 

Executive producer Michael Gunton explained, at the series launch, "We have a rule that interfering is a very dangerous thing to do. But these penguins were going to die through a freak act of nature if nothing happened.

"How would this conversation be going if you said you saw them there and did nothing? I think you have to do it."

While they weren’t allowed to save the chimp, they were allowed to save a group of newly-hatched Emperor penguins who were trapped in an icy ravine, by cutting stairs into it so their mother could help them all to safety. 

Why the penguins and not the chimp?

David explained that “tragedy is a part of life and you have show it,” and they would have only made the situation worse if they interfered. 

He then made an analogy of a wildebeest calf being chased by a leopard:

"What do you do? Suppose you did something that frightened the leopard off, the fawn would be disorientated and would probably not even be able to find its way home, so it is likely to die.

"The leopard would go off and have to find another fawn and it is likely to have problems with its cubs."

We still wish every beautiful creature could go on living… but we understand his reasoning. 

Do you agree with his ways?


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