We Tried An Endometriosis Pain Simulator To Experience Just How Intense The Disease Is

*WARNING* it's painful to watch our team

Endometriosis affects 176 million women around the world.

It’s a VERY painful & crippling disease which currently has no cure, so to spread awareness about what our End sisters go through and show out support, we decided to simulate the pain.

Heidi and Xavier from the Hit Network's Perth breakfast show hit92.9, along with their producer, Jack, experienced the pain via a similar and found it so intense they were literally yelling!

Meanwhile, Monique (who is a Endometriosis sufferer) just endured the pain beside them like it’s nothing. It was such a good contrast to show us how painful it is and what these women deal with every single day. 

You can find our more about Endometriosis and your closest support group here!