We Can’t Make Sense Of This Bizarre Optical ILLUSION

What is going on?!

We Can’t Make Sense Of This Bizarre Optical ILLUSION National Centre for Biotechnology Information

In an age where we all lose our sh#@ over things like THAT blue or gold dress, we thought we’d share this wacky new optical illusion with you to baffle you some more. 

A Japanese researched has unveiled a new type of optical illusion, called the ‘Curvature Blindness Illusion’. 

Ask yourself the question: does this image contain any zigzags?

The illusion looks as if it is just an arrangement of wiggling and zig-zagging lines crossing over white, gray, and black backgrounds.

However, the creator revealed that the image does not actually contain any zigzags – instead of this, all of the lines have the same wavy shape.

Here’s how it all works:

The Daily Mail wrote, "In the illusion, the lines which have a dark segment running from the crest to the trough are those which appear to be zigzagged on the gray background.

"Those which have the dark segment at the crest itself – or the peak of the wave – maintain their curvy appearance across the entire image.

"But, Takahashi says all of the lines are identical, with each made up of sine curves.

"According to the researcher, this type of illusion may cause the brain to essentially go with what it knows best in situations where it isn’t entirely clear what it’s seeing."