Waterbeds Are Making A Comeback, So We Can Live Out Our Childhood Dream

We finally get our own...

Waterbeds Are Making A Comeback, So We Can Live Out Our Childhood Dream Walt. Disney

Remember when you were a kid and your parents or older family members all had waterbeds, but you weren’t allowed one so  you had to sneak in to lay on it, only to end up jumping on it and getting in trouble?

Well, those days of sneaking in and daydreaming of owning your own waterbed are over, because the beloved waterbed is making a comeback!!!


Waterbeds kinda dropped off the planet when landlords started to ban them from buildings, the mattress industry turned towards memory foam versions, they became leaking hazards, and some other reasons, too. 

BUT, now they’re making a comeback and are better than ever. 

The inventor of the original waterbed, Charlie Hall, is now launching a new version of the iconic bed and it’s called Afloat


The new version looks more like a traditional mattress and is equipped with temperature control, improved wave-suppression systems, and a fabric cover that will give you better body contouring. 

Plus - normal bed linens will fit them!

For the time being, these new beds are only available in the U.S for preorder online. 


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