WATCH: Fight Breaks Out At ALDI Over Garden Furniture

Bagging a bargain...

WATCH: Fight Breaks Out At ALDI Over Garden Furniture 7 News Online / Maria Chatzikostandinou

Of all places for a fight to break out, the last you’d expect is for it to go down in beloved store Aldi. 

But that’s exactly where a fight broke out in Melbourne this week and it was all over a sale of garden furniture 

We all know how competitive it can be to get in fast to score a deal at Aldi, but these customers took it to a whole new level and it was all caught on camera. 

According to 7 News OnlineMaria Chatzikostandinou arrived at an Aldi store in Plenty Valley, South Morang, just before 8.30am on Saturday and found a massive queue.

When the doors opened, everyone ran straight to the outdoor section in order to bag the $349 corner wicker lounge setting and a fight instantly escalated from yelling to “pushing and shoving.”

Image: Aldi.

She told 7 News, "There was a lot of swearing and they were saying: 'I was here first, it's mine’.”

Some shoppers had reportedly been waiting at the store since 7am and weren’t having anyone pushingg in on them. 

Shoppers tried to break up the two parties and told them to “calm down.”

it was not known that there were extra settings of the furniture out the back. 

The fight died down when the store manager informed them they would have to leave if the fighting continued. 

You can WATCH the full video HERE

Looks like things get pretty wild at Aldi...

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