WATCH As This Kid Destroys $1300 Worth Of Sephora Makeup

Someone's in trouble...

WATCH As This Kid Destroys $1300 Worth Of Sephora Makeup Facebook @ Extraordinary Life Makeup Artistry

We all daydream about saving up enough money to go crazy in a Sephora store, buying whatever the hell we want, but it looks like a little kid just beat us to the ‘go crazy in a Sephora store’ part… 


Well, they made all our worst dreams of damaging items in a store come true, and absolutely destroyed $1300 worth of Sephora make on display…

According to Insider, the makeup artist Brittney Nelson posted a pic online of a destroyed Sephora display to Facebook.

She revealed that the child of a shopper had messed up the display, with the makeup being crumbled and smeared everywhere. 

This was the aftermath:




"$1300 of Make Up Forever eye shadow destroyed at Sephora tonight due to a small child.”


“…Mammas, please hop for your makeup without your tiny humans."

We don’t know whether to laugh or cry…