Watch A Real-Life Spiderman Scale A Building To Save A Child!

Spiderman exists!

Watch A Real-Life Spiderman Scale A Building To Save A Child! Marvel/@adil__brown Twitter

A 22-year-old man has been praised for scaling a building in Paris to help save a toddler who was hanging over a balcony.

The man climbed four stories to get to the child, who was dangling over the edge of the building and screaming for help.

Mamadou Gassama told La Parisien that on Saturday, he was having a meal with friends when he heard a commotion across the street.

He then made the incredible decision to climb up the building to save the child and did so within a minute!

How incredible!


Mamadou told the newspaper that he “did not think of the risk" when he made the decision to climb the building, but he would definitely do it again.

Parisian Mayor, Anne Hidalgo, called Mamadou to personally thank him for his efforts and posted a statement on Twitter which said that the event "an example for all citizens" and that “the City of Paris will obviously be keen to support him in his efforts to settle in France” as he is a recent migrant and has only been living in the city for a few months.

La Parisen reported that the child ended up on the balcony after his father left him unsupervised whilst he went grocery shopping. 

The father has been charged and if found guilty, could face two years in prison and a $46,000 fine.

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