Twerk Pong Is The New Game The World Did NOT Need


Twerk Pong Is The New Game The World Did NOT Need Firebox

There are some creations which are real blessings in our lives. 

Then there are others which leave us confused and wondering what life is coming to. 

Twerk Pong is the latest creation doing exactly that, because the last thing we thought the world needed was a game that combines the idea of beer pong with the dance move that Miley Cyrus made famous… 


All you have to do is shake your booty and try to get as many of the ping pong balls out of the box thats strapped atop your derriere. 

Whoever gets all the balls out first is the winner. People are also using it as a drinking game - whoever loses, takes a drink. 


Alternatively, it can be played by one player trying to throw the ping pong balls into the box, while the other shakes their tail feather to throw them off. 

The wacky game is available HERE if you wanted to shake what your mama gave you… 


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