Turns Out We've All Been Brushing Our Teeth Wrong Our Whole Lives

Do you do this?

Turns Out We've All Been Brushing Our Teeth Wrong Our Whole Lives

Think you know how to brush your teeth? Think again!

It turns out that most people forget to brush a major part of their mouth – the back of their teeth! 

"Sometimes people forget to brush the insides of their teeth, the surfaces that face the tongue and the palate," dentist Jessica Hilburg told HuffPost. "Sometimes people forget these areas because we don't see them when we look in the mirror. Food and plaque can buildup in these areas so it's just as important to brush there as it is on the front of our teeth where we can easily see."

So if you’ve always brushed the insides of your teeth then give yourself a pat on the back. If you haven’t then it’s definitely time to start ASAP!

Another mistake people make is not to brush for long enough. Two minutes is the recommended amount of time, and you should be doing that twice a day. 


A lot of people also apply the wrong amount of pressure while brushing, which could damage their gums. The right amount of pressure should feel comfortable while brushing, and shouldn’t be hard enough that it crushes the bristles of your toothbrush.  

And those who like hard toothbrushes are advised to switch their current tool for a softer model. 

"Using a soft toothbrush is recommended, as bristles that are too hard can damage gums and may not be flexible enough to remove the plaque," Hilburg said. "Soft bristle toothbrushes are best whether they are manual or power brushes. Choose a size toothbrush that feels comfortable and isn't so large that it won't fit on the sides of your teeth comfortably."

Get brushing!