Trying For A Boy Or A Girl? Doctor Debunks How You Can Sway The Odds

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Trying For A Boy Or A Girl? Doctor Debunks How You Can Sway The Odds

There are a heap of ‘experts’ out there who claim they know the secrets to swaying the gender of your expected baby - but just what is fact and what is fiction? 

Two common methods which have been discussed for years include the Shettles method and the Whelan method. 


Boy - Dr. Shettles believed that having sex as close as possible before ovulation would result in a baby boy. This is based on the idea that male sperm travels faster than female sperm and will arrive at the egg first.

Girl - To better your odds at having a baby girl, Shettles believed that you would need to have sex two to four days before you ovulate as female sperm lasts longer.  


Dr. Whelan wrote a book in 1977 titled Boy or Girl: You Can Pick The Sex Of You ChildWhalen’s theory is again based on timing, but also temperature. In the book, Whelan claimed that biochemical changes in a woman’s body could favour male sperm earlier in a woman’s cycle.

Boy - Have sex four to six days prior to ovulation, before your temperature rises.

Girl - Have sex two to three days before ovulation.

Now, Dr. Deborah Bateson, the medical director at Family Planning NSW, has spoken to FEMAIL to clear things up.

Although people claim these methods have been effective, Dr. Batesmon believes it’s too outdated - 

“A lot of the Shettles Method is based on work from 50 years ago, but the evidence is really not strong enough... They keep researching but there’s no evidence I would use in my practice. Mostly people are happy to accept the 50/50 odds of what gender they will have. It is something that is of interest to people." 

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