Trying For A Baby? These Undies Could Help Boost Your Man’s Fertility

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Trying For A Baby? These Undies Could Help Boost Your Man’s Fertility

When it comes to trying for a baby, things don’t always go to plan, so we search for dozens of different ways to try and boost our fertility to give ourselves the best shot!

Now, according to new research from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health in Boston, your partner’s underwear choices could have an impact on their fertility!

The study looked at 656 men from couples who were looking for infertility treatments, aged between 18 and 56. 

The men were asked to complete a questionnaire, which looked at the types of underwear they had chosen to wear over the previous three months. The men also provided blood and semen samples on the same day for the researchers to analyse. 

What did they find?

Men who wore boxers had 25% higher sperm concentration, a higher total sperm count, more sperm in a single ejaculate AND more that were the correct shape than those who opted to wear tighter briefs. 

Looks like the extra breathing room really makes a difference!

Does you man need some extra help to boost his fertility? 

These tips are known to help increase sperm count:

  • Eat more oily fish or opt for a fish oil supplement
  • Make sure you’re in a healthy weight range
  • Avoid smoking and alcohol, as thee can reduce sperm count 
  • Stay away from processed meats
  • Vitamins and micronutrients like zinc, vitamin C, folate, magnesium and selenium are known to help 
  • Enjoy a balanced diet
  • Exercise!!
  • Avoid heat stress from saunas and hot tubs


What lifestyle tips have helped you and your partner conceive?

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