Three People Stole A Shark From An Aquarium By Hiding It In A Pram

It wasn't a baby!

Three People Stole A Shark From An Aquarium By Hiding It In A Pram Pexels

A trio of thieves managed to steal a shark from an American aquarium by disguising it as a baby and hiding it inside a pram.

Yes, this is actually something that happened. 

The theft happened at the San Antonio Aquarium in Texas. The horn shark was taken out of an open pool where visitors are allowed to touch and interact with sea creatures. The shark was approximately 45 cm in length. 

According to local news outlet KSAT, a man grabbed the shark by its tail while two other people wrapped it in a wet blanket. They then took the shark into a back room, put it in a bucket and put the entire bucket into a pram. The group then left the aquarium. A member of staff tried to confront them in the car park, but one of them was able to drive off with the shark.   

Most of the incident was captured on CCTV cameras, and the footage was posted online. 

But in the most amazing twist ever, after two days of searching the shark has been found safe and alive, no longer wrapped up as a baby!



Police were able to track the getaway vehicle to a home where they found the shark and the thieves, with one of them reportedly confessing to the crime.

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