Those ‘Fish Pedicures’ Could Make Your Toenails FALL Off


Those ‘Fish Pedicures’ Could Make Your Toenails FALL Off AAP Photos

You probably thought those fish pedicures you see everyone doing while on holiday are pretty cool and have wanted to give them a try. 

We have the feeling that might change after reading this, though, because one unfortunate woman from the U.S had a fish pedicure and it caused her toenails to fall off. 

The journal of JAMA Dermatology published a reports which referenced a case study of a woman in her 20s, who went to her local GP complaining that her toenails had started to dislodge over the course of several months.

The nails started to come off ever since she went to a fish foot spa, where tiny Garra rufa fish ate away all the dead skin on her feet. 

After looking into the issue, doctors discovered that the nail shedding, otherwise known as onychomadesis, was caused by the fishy foot treatment. 

While they couldn’t determine the exact reason they caused the nails to fall off, they believed that the biting from the fish had damaged the woman’s nails so much that new nails weren’t able to grow!

The study’s author, Shari Lipner, revealed, “Tubs and fish cannot be adequately sanitised between people, and the same fish are typically reused for successive persons,” she pointed out.

“Thus, there are concerns of transmitting infections between people undergoing these pedicures.

“Several bacteria capable of causing disease in humans were isolated from batches of Garra rufa and waters from 24 fish spas.”

These sorts of treatments have also been known to carry the risk of spreading infections like AIDS… 

This treatment has been banned in parts of Europe and 10 states of the U.S.
Still, you might want to rethink your fish foot spa experience. 

Has this happened to YOU?

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