This TERRIFYING Tinder Date Story Will Scare You Off Dating Apps


This TERRIFYING Tinder Date Story Will Scare You Off Dating Apps

Tinder and other dating apps have become somewhat of a norm in our society, either helping us to connect with prospective dates, or making us lose touch with face-to-face interactions. 

Nonetheless, people have varying opinions about it all, but this terrifying tale of a Tinder date might just scare you off dating apps for good… 

Captioned, "This has to be the scariest thing ever, I feel physically sick listening to it. Everyone should be so careful with who they meet,” a video has been shared to Twitter by Cara Paton of a woman’s voice explaining her friend’s horrific Tinder date experience. 

The woman explains that she was piked up by her date and driven to a restaurant, but started to feel sick during then night. Her date agreed to take her home, during which she started to feel better and invited him in for coffee. 

WARNING: The audio in this video may contain content that is disturbing to some listeners. 


"But when they went inside she started to feel sick again so she asked him to leave.

"He said 'yeah, that's totally fine, I'll go' and left.”

She then went to sleep and woke up in the middle of the night to hear a kitchen table being moved around. 

Promptly, she phoned the police, who informed her to stay on the phone. The police arrived and said the door was locked and there may not be anyone inside, but she insisted there was. 

They then broke down the door and pinned down a man - when the woman finally came downstairs, despite the police saying she shouldn’t, she found her furniture had been covered in plastic sheeting and a saw and hammer were on the floor…

It is thought she may have been drugged and that he took her keys when he left. 

While the story hasn’t been confirmed as true as of yet, this is a terrifying cautionary tale that we should all keep in mind next time you’re thinking of going on a Tinder date...


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Never hesitate to contact the police if you feel your life is in danger!


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