This Pillowcase Has Sheets So You Can Sleep On A Fresh Pillow Every Night!

It'll also save your face!

This Pillowcase Has Sheets So You Can Sleep On A Fresh Pillow Every Night! Déjà Pillowcase

You've probably had a few people tell you that you're not changing your pillowcases often enough and those dirty cases are what's causing your bad skin and restless nights.

You may have also heard that silk pillowcases are the best thing for you to sleep on because they not only keep you face moisturised, they also keep your hair nice and frizz-free.

They're little miracles!

Now, thought, someone has come up with a pillowcase that has sheets, so that you can sleep on a fresh pillowcase every night of the week, without having to throw it in the washing machine first!

The Déjà Pillowcase is made to be used for up to 8 nights a week without having to be thrown in the wash!

It's made from 100% cotton because, as the website explains, "we chose this fabric for its breathable properties, soft feel, and longevity.

"We chose not to use silver ions or essential oils on our fabric, as these wash out over time, and we were concerned with potential health and sustainability issues. Instead, we stuck to a completely natural approach."

The pillowcase is made to "give your skin a break" as it avoids the "bacteria, oil, product residue and dust" that accumulates on an unwashed case.

if you're currently using a silk pillowcase, you're probably thinking that you'd still rather use that every night because of how nie it feels on your face, but luckily, there's a silk version of the Déjà Pillowcase in the works so your silky needs will be met very soon!

You can purchase the Déjà Pillowcase online right now and YES, it ships to Australia!

Head to their website to grab yourself a pillowcase that will not only feel fresh every night, but will also save you another load of washing!