This Oreo HACK Just Made 2017 A LOT Easier

Have YOU tried this?

This Oreo HACK Just Made 2017 A LOT Easier

We all love Oreos, and they’ll forever be the reason we all know chocolate isn’t good for dogs. 

While we love sharing that milk with our dogs, though, we also like filling up a big glass for ourselves to dunk our Oreos into…

But it gets a little annoying when our fingers get wet and then we can’t fit our hand in the glass to dunk it into the last dregs of milk… 

But this problem has just been solved with a genius, no-brainer hack that we’re going bonkers over. 

Instead of filling a glass of milk to dunk your Oreos into, try this instead:


Yep, just use the actual TRAY to fill with milk and dunk away!

It’s the perfect size for you to dunk your whole Oreo into and means you won’t have to wash up!

Genius? You betcha…

The only thing is, though, you’ll either have to:

  1. Wipe out the tray after using it, or
  2. Eat all the cookies so you don’t have to wash it. 
  3. (Or just solve the whole issue and store the biscuits in a separate air-tight container, and use the tray again and again! After washing it of course)

Better enlist the help of your friends so you can eat these bad boys!