This Is The World's Favourite Baby Girls' Name!

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This Is The World's Favourite Baby Girls' Name!

When you have a new baby, trying to decide on what to name them can be a real mission.

You want a name that works with the surname, that flows off the tongue, but also doesn't cause the children to get teased about it later in life.

You'd want to choose a name that sounds adorable and a name that can be shortened because let's be real, a cool nickname is something we all want at least once in our lives!

Baby name website Baby Name Wizard has taken a look at all of the most popular baby names across the world and there seems to be one name that everyone seems to be using for their baby girls in Italy, Slovakia, Estonia, Chile and Russia.

The name Sofia is currently the most popular baby girls' name in the world with it being number one on the most popular baby name lists in the above countries and number two in the United States and some parts of Europe.

In Australia, the name is the seventh most popular baby name for a girl and this isn't restricted to just the one spelling.


This name is being spelled as Sofia, Sofie and Sophia because, although it is the same name, you have to have some kind of unique take on it, right?!

Baby name researcher Laura Wattenberg said she was astounded at the popularity of this particular name across the globe.

“It just blew me away that so many different languages and cultures would arrive at the same sound at the same time.

“In fact, for three years it topped the name charts in both the United States and Russia. When was the last time those two nations agreed so completely on anything?

"In essence, the entire Western world has agreed on the most attractive baby name.”

So what makes it so popular?

What is it about Sofia/Sophia/Sofie/Sophie that parents have become besotted by?

"As every parent knows, the choice of a baby name is multi-factored.

"I can't claim to fully understand what that makes Sofia irresistible in Finland or Belarus, but a look through American eyes offers some clues to its global appeal.

"The name is instantly recognisable as a classic, yet it was uncommon in every spelling from the 1930s through the 1980s.

"That means today's parents didn't grow up surrounded by Sophia's, so it doesn't sound tired or over-familiar to them."

The name Sofia is of Greek origin and means wisdom and skill.

It has been used in England since the 17th century after James I gave his infant daughter the name.