THIS Is The Best Time To Shower, So Go Get Wet!

What do YOU think it is?

THIS Is The Best Time To Shower, So Go Get Wet! New Line Cinema

Have you ever had an argument with a family member or friend over what the best time to shower is?

They say it’s the morning, but you say it’s the night, and the conversation goes nowhere but in circles...

Well, it’s time to put the arguments to rest, because an expert has just revealed what really is the best time to shower!




Professor Mary-Louise McLaws, who is an expert in hygiene and infection control at the University of New South Wales, revealed the answer to 

Showering BEFORE BED is best!

She explained that your end-of-day body will dirty your bed sheets and aid in the spread of germs, so it’s best not to let them sit there for your whole sleep - so instead, you should make yourself nice and clean before sleep!

“You’re putting in dirty feet and a sweaty, odoured body on to your clean sheets. If you want to only shower in the morning, you’ll probably need to wash your pillowcase and your sheets more often.

She explained we should be washing towels and sheets ONCE A WEEK. 


If you need a shower in the morning to wake up, she said that a quick one in the morning (without using harsh soap) should be all good, but have your main wash at night!

We should also be washing our face in the morning and night time!

She also explained that the order in which we wash and even shave is VERY important. 

Here’s the order you should wash yourself in:

  • Face
  • Armpits
  • The rest of your body (if you’re sweaty and dirty)
  • Your groin area
  • Your Hands

And here’s the order you should shave in:

  • Underarms
  • Legs
  • Bikini Line

“There are bacteria that are normally in our groin, most of the time they don’t do any harm. But when you use a razor it does grate the skin and you have microscopic cuts, and if you shave your bikini line and then go to do under your arms, that has the potential of moving bacteria that is still on the razor.”


Well, there you go, folks!