This Is How Many ‘Bad Days’ You’ll Have In 2018

Bad days WILL end

This Is How Many ‘Bad Days’ You’ll Have In 2018 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

We all have our good days and our bad days, but boy oh boy can those bad days stretch out and seem like they’ll never end. 

Sound familiar?

Well, if you’re going through one of those patches, keep riding it our, because it turns out there’s a certain amount of ‘bad days’ we get a year. 


According to fitness app Freeletics' survey of 2000 people, the average American has two months of bad days every year. 

That’s roughly 60 bad days of the 365 in a year. 

It was found that the reasons behind the bad moods was topped off by work stress and getting a bad nights sleep. 

Here’s the rundown of the reasons each participant said was behind a bad day:

  • 80% due to work stress
  • 67% due to a bad nights sleep
  • 34% due to cancelled plans
  • 25% due to bad hair days
  • Money woes and illness were also reasons

SO, if we can keep on top of those reasons behind a bad day, maybe we can prevent them from happening as best we can!


If you’re feeling down and had a super stressful day, instead of turning to unhealthy treats like the majority, exercise is actually the way to go. 

According to research, small amount of exercise can actually help prevent future depression and help with how you’re feeling!

What helps YOU through a rough day?

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