This Girl's GROSS Injury Will Ensure You NEVER Have A Messy Room Again

Time for a total clean up...

This Girl's GROSS Injury Will Ensure You NEVER Have A Messy Room Again

Image Credit: Twitter @ JEWL_la

If you've been telling everyone your room is never a mess, then you're either:

a) a liar... or

b) the most organised person we know and we must get your number so you can give us tips.



It's more likely that you've been telling some fibs, because sometimes life just gets in the way and it seems like there's no time to do anything (especially not the cleaning of your room). 

For many of us, we exist in a state of organised chaos; knowing exactly where everything is hiding among the mess, so we can summon it when we need it most. 

However, one girl just learned the hard way that we don't always know what's hiding amongst our mess... and it's beyond gross. 

American teen, Julia Pechar, doesn't have the California-Dream-Room we all think. In fact, it looks a lot like all of ours.


But one night when Julia hopped up to satisfy her late night cravings, she made her way across the dangerous territory of her floor and had an awful run in with her 'trusty' phone charger.

This is what happened next...

If you're the squeamish type, look away now, because the image is a bit graphic and will leave you cringeing all night.


Despite the injury, Julia doesn't plan on cleaning up, which doesn't sound like the best idea. 

So, is it finally time for you to clean up your room?

We think so.