This Girl's $2 Acne Cure Has Got The World Begging For More Of Her Skin Secrets!

$2 and cystic acne is gone!

This Girl's $2 Acne Cure Has Got The World Begging For More Of Her Skin Secrets! @hildpazrobles Twitter / NBC

Some of us just aren't born with great skin and when we reach a certain age, our skin turns on us and becomes a minefield of cystic acne that terrorises us at every turn.

I was one of those people but luckily, I found a cure... I just wish I knew about THIS cure back then!

Twitter user Hilda Paz Robles is yet another woman who suffers from cystic acne.

When trying to make her skin behave, her aunt told her to mix a few household items together and soon, her acne would disappear.

Luckily, Hilda's aunt was right!

She posted a photo of her skin on Twitter to show the world what just happened and everyone started begging her for the items she used!


One user demanded that she "drop the skincare routine" and Hilda obliged, saying that all she did was mix honey with some green tea!


Allure asked Hilda for the details of her transformation and she revealed that she's still not sure what caused her cystic acne.

"To this day, I’m not exactly sure what caused it.

"Lots of people tried to tell me it was hormones. Lots of people tried to tell me it was an infection."

Then her aunt suggested that she drink some green tea to clear up her skin, but because Hilda didn't like the taste, she mixed some raw honey in with it and drank it that way.



Not only does she drink it though, she also creates a face mask with the tea leaves and honey, leaves it on for about 30 minutes before washing it off.

Sometimes, she'll leave it on for 2 hours if her skin was really acting up.

Hilda used the mask three times a week at first but then pulled back to just once a week.

She told Teen Vogue that it took about five months for her to see a significant change.

"A lot of people don’t believe me.

"I’m not saying it’s going to work for everybody because I tried so many different things before that, and nothing was working."

A lot of skin care today incorporates green tea to ease redness and inflammation.

Allure pointed out that a 2013 study also showed that green tea can treat acne better than some medications!

Raw honey, on the other hand, is generally used to help brighten the complexion and kill the bacteria that causes acne.

Hilda now incorporates other products into her skincare routine, but she says she always looks out for products that have green tea in them as they seem to work best for her.

What a miracle!