This Genius Kmart Hack Will Calm Your Kids On A Long Flight

Problems solved!

This Genius Kmart Hack Will Calm Your Kids On A Long Flight Kmart

Ever had trouble trying to get your child, or even yourself, to sit quietly and contently on a long-haul flight?

Well, there may be a genius hack to the rescue and all you have to do is head on over to Kmart! reported on a flight attendant’s post to a mother’s Facebook group, Bondi Babies, where she shared her hack after she saw a family using it on one of her flights. 

The hack? To help solve the problem of kids getting reckless and uncomfortable, parents have used $5 fleece pet beds to get their kids comfortable on a long flight!

Image: Kmart Australia

The flight attendant revealed, "I’m a flight attendant and just had a passenger travelling with three little kidlets.

"She bought three soft dog beds ($5 Kmart) as a comfy pillow.

"The soft padded bits around the edge softened hard armrests, buckles etc, and also served as a pillow and leg rest.”

As many other solutions trying to get kids comfy on a plane, like Fly Tot and JetKids BedBox have been banned by major airlines, this serves as a great substitute!

These beds are cheap, easily foldable, and have a few uses!

What do YOU think of this hack? Would YOU use this on your next flight to settle your kids down?

Let us know in the Facebook comments!


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