This Couple Almost Broke Up Over A Skincare Product

That escalated quickly...

This Couple Almost Broke Up Over A Skincare Product

Images: Fox / Refinery29

It's pretty obvious that in 2017, the biggest beauty trend is having flawless skin.

Women are now opting to go without foundation and instead find the perfect skin care products to create that perfect complexion.

There's a massive list of skin care products we love and we just can't stop telling our friends about our latest discoveries.


But if you have a boyfriend who may not necessarily know the names of those beauty products, things could get messy very easily.

There's a meme currently circulating the internet showing what can happen if your favourite skin care product can be mistaken for something, or really, someone else.

The meme shows a text message from a guy, presumably for his girlfriend, asking who Mario Badescu is.

"Who tf is Mario Badescu?"

But then, the poor guy decided he's probably better off not knowing who the mysterious Mario is and said, "I hope he makes you happy."

For those who may not know, Mario Badescu is actually a very popular skin care brand that makes a killer face mist.

We can assume that the confusion was rectified because the person who posted the meme, presumably the girlfriend, said she was "crying" at the top of the meme.

With brands like James Read, Christophe Robin and Peter Thomas Roth floating around, we can understand why this guy got confused.

But maybe he should have actually let her answer.

There's a lesson in all this, folks.

Make sure your boyfriend knows the name of your skin care products.

We hope these guys patched things up!