This Bride’s List Of Demands Has Sent The Internet Into Meltdown

Bridezilla alert.

This Bride’s List Of Demands Has Sent The Internet Into Meltdown

Your wedding day is all about you, your partner, and the love you will surely share for an eternity, which means you will do anything to make it perfect. 

Well, when it comes to seeking perfection, this bride has ruffled a few feathers in her quest, outlining some pretty strict demands that everyone must stick to. 

As is the way with all things out there, her list has gone viral and the internet has lost its marbles. 

According to Pretty52, the bride in question is Lucy Hunt, who stated to The Sun, “I call the shots and that’s what will make sure I have the best day of my life.”


What exactly is on her strict list, you ask? Prepare yourselves. 

  1. Lucy has banned red, white and pale pink colours from her wedding day, as they clash with her colour scheme. 
  2. Lucy has banned any overly glamorous women from her day, thoroughly searching their Instagram accounts to ensure they are not above an 8/10. 
  3. Kids are banned from the event, in particular ‘cute’ babies’.
  4. One guest is not allowed to bring his pregnant girlfriend, unless he ‘puts a ring on it’. 
  5. Lucy has instilled the whole ‘no bling, no ring’ policy for the day. 
  6. Her bridesmaids are required to stay their exact weight, with regular weigh ins. 
  7. Lucy has requested she be surprised with three separate parties before hand; two for her top 20 friends, and one for older ladies. 
  8. Bridesmaids are not allowed to complain. 
  9. Bridesmaids must be at her beck and call, 24/7 on the wedding day. 
  10. Bridesmaids cannot colour or cut their hair before the wedding. 
  11. Lucy has requested five dresses for her debut day as a bride. 

Well, well, well… and people call us bossy… 

Wondering what her groom has to say about all this?

"Lucy tells me what's happening and I let her go for it. She is incredibly organised but it does drive me crazy.

"I'm just happy we've sorted the suits. I know that she'll look amazing on our big day. I just hope the guests show up!"

This dude is marrying her, so of course he loves her the way she is. 

Love knows no boundaries.