This ‘Anxiety Chart’ Will Help You Understand Your Anxiety

For when no one understands...

This ‘Anxiety Chart’ Will Help You Understand Your Anxiety

Trying to explain your anxiety to someone else, and even to yourself, can be a difficult thing at the best of times. 

It feels like no one will ever truly be able to understand our situation, especially when we are met with responses like ’stop thinking so much’ or you ‘shouldn’t let everything get to you’. 

Obviously, it ain’t so easy. 

Because of this, writer B. L. Acker decided to come up with a chart that helped explain her anxiety so people could better relate. 

She wrote on, saying, “I know the chart I made is extremely simplified – anyone struggling with anxiety can testify that it is often so much worse, but I wanted to give examples that anyone could relate to, as well as providing a build up they might be able to imagine in their own lives."

Image: B. L. Acker / Mamamia

You can read her full article HERE

Can YOU relate to this? 


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