This $2 Bunnings Coffee Hack Will Change Your Life


This $2 Bunnings Coffee Hack Will Change Your Life

Aussies tend to swear by beloved stores when it comes to shopping. 

There’s Kmart, Aldi, Bunnings…. the list goes on. 

Now, one smart cookie of a woman has come up with a genius and cheap AF hack that will help some of you solve your storage problems when it comes to your treasured coffee!

Gina Baynham recently shared the idea, after reportedly seeing it in a Facebook group. 

The cheap storage solution from Bunnings Warehouse saw Gina use a strip of plastic (which is usually used to join two fibre board sheets), as well as some double-sided tape as a genius storage idea for coffee capsules. 

Images: Gina Baynham Facebook.

Gina stuck eight of the plastic strops to the underside of her cupboard neatly above her coffee machine, to hold all of her coffee pods!

The mother told Kidspot, "The kitchen looks so uncluttered it has cleared up my bench surfaces.

"The only skill involved was getting the gap wide enough to slide the capsule in without it being so loose that it would fall out."

The strips cost her only $1.80 for 1.4metres and we’re pretty sure we’re about to try this idea, too… 

Will YOU be trying this hack?!