These Safe Sex Campaign Condom Wrappers Have Caused Major Outrage

Just a little lost in translation?

These Safe Sex Campaign Condom Wrappers Have Caused Major Outrage wrags23 Reddit

People have been left both confused and offended after a safe sex campaign at a university handed out condoms with a questionable message. 

One of the most important rules about sex is that all parties must consent to the act before ANYTHING moves forward. 

So, you can imagine people's confusion when university students in the US were handed condoms with the message "GO FURTHER WITHOUT CONSENT" sprawled across them... by a safe sex campaign? 

The image, which was uploaded to Reddit by user wrags23, has really caused a stir, gaining over one thousand comments. 

Awkwardtheturtle commented, "wow WOW that is pretty damn crappy." 

Fullmetal_deathnote wrote, "It's creepy as f**k. I'm 99% sure that this was designed by a sex offender." 

Cuddleskunk said, "This is might be the worst design in the history of this sub."

It wasn't until another Redditor pointed out that the doughnut is part of the sentence too, making it, "DO NOT GO FURTHER WITHOUT CONSENT"... 

However, even with that confusing design choice cleared up, people were still not impressed. 

One user, turnonthesunflower made an extremely valid point, "There should be absolutely NO room for ambiguity with a message like that. This is almost Dangerous Design."

On top of this, SaxonWitch pointed out why the design flew right over the heads of so many of us, "...Donut is spelled Doughnut in actual English and doesn't make sense at all. So all I saw was 'Go further without consent'. Wow, design fail."

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