These Babies Got Their Ears Pierced At Four Months, Too Young?

Some have called it "abuse"

These Babies Got Their Ears Pierced At Four Months, Too Young?

Image Credit: Crystal Vlogs & More/ YouTube

How young is too young to get your newborn's ears pierced?

Footage has been posted online which shows newborns screaming as they get their first set of earrings.

The video has created a fair bit of attention online, as the babies featured are just four months old.

Mothers, Rebekah Musson, from Hull, and Crystal Lynn, from Florida, took their young daughters Maddison and Emily to get their ears pierced.


Instead of their videos creating the reaction they expected, they were hit with controversy with some viewers stating that they had gone too far and others calling their actions “cruel.”

One wrote, “Why would you want to cause your baby pain when it is meant to be mum who protects them? Let them choose when they are old enough!”

Another saying, “Cruel, just cruel. Hope mum is happy putting her lovely daughter through this trauma.”

Others went as far as saying that it is “child abuse” adding that it “should be illegal.”

The videos can be distressing to watch.

We can see both the babies burst into tears as soon as the piercing gun was used.

Emily can be seen crying for about 30 seconds, but then appears to be fine.


Both mothers have defended their actions after the feedback the received,

Rebekah, 23, mother of Maddison said, “Did she cry? Yes for a split second. Do I regret it? No.”

Adding, “She looks beautiful in her earrings, and she loves to change her earrings when mummy does and wears all different ones….”It's much easier to get them done as a baby than when they're older. Fact.'” 

Emily's mother Crystal, 34, also defended her actions, writing, “We chose to pierce our daughter's ears at a young age because it is proven that most who wait until they are older, around the age of 5-10 years of age, usually end up with an infection because they don't stop touching them.” 

Adding, “When you pierce them young they don't feel, but maybe 30 seconds of pain, if any pain at all and we as parents take care of the piercing and they are less likely to mess with them. Emily, who was four months old at the time, does not remember the piercing at all - and she loves her earrings. If at anytime she wants to take them out - then she can.”

Other videos have also been posted on Facebook of babies getting their ears pierced, which are hard to view. 


What age do you think is okay for babies to start getting their ears pierced?