The Truth Behind Harry & Meghan's Double-Hand-Hold In Melbourne

It was such a beautiful moment!

The Truth Behind Harry & Meghan's Double-Hand-Hold In Melbourne Fox FM

Yesterday, Melbourne was taken over by Royal fever as the Duke & Duchess of Sussex touched down for a whirlwind tour of the city. Their four-stop trip around town saw streets packed with punters, roads blocked and the sounds of helicopters across the skies. It was quite the treat for locals!

One of the biggest stories of the day was Harry and Meghan's constant PDA, including their gestures at Charcoal Lane at Fitzroy. While taking in one of Melbourne's colourful laneways, the pair were holding hands. Harry took it one step further, reaching across his back to grab Meghan's hand again for a double-hand-hold. AWWW!!


The moment went VIRAL and was picked up across media organisations around the world. Even though it was used across multiple fan pages, it turns out the video actually came from Hit Network station Fox FM!

"The Fox FM team were situated at every location during their Melbourne visit and it was a massive collaborative effort to catch Harry & Meghan at every stop," Digital Content Lead Bree Gashparac said, "it's a shame we weren't credited by some news outlets and other fan pages, but we are so happy we were able to share that beautiful moment with the world."

Fox FM is the home of radio shows Fifi, Fev & Byron, as well as Carrie & Tommy and Hughesy & Kate.


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