The RSPCA Wants You To QUIT Putting Your Animals In Costumes

Do YOU do this?

The RSPCA Wants You To QUIT Putting Your Animals In Costumes Instagram @itsdougthepug

You might enjoy super cute photos of dogs and cats dressed up in adorable outfits, but the RSPCA is saying it’s a big no-no. 

According to a new statement issued by the RSPCA, putting our pets in cute costumes is doing more harm than ‘good’. 

In fact, they’re even putting guidelines in place to try and change it. 

Bronwyn Orr, RSPCA’s Scientific Officer, told the ABC, "Posting a picture of your cat and dog dressed up or with makeup on, for a lot of people that might seem really quite funny or cute. But it obviously goes completely against the dignity of the animal and their natural needs and instincts.”

She continued, saying that it may be the cause of serious distress and that, “a lot of people have real difficulty actually reading the body language from their animals and knowing when exactly they are distressed.”

The signs of your pet not being up for dress ups?

In dogs, ‘whale eyes’ (when the whites show in the far corner) and tucked tails. 

In cats, watch for them having a rapidly flicking tail. 

"We have to keep in mind … a dog is a dog, a cat is a cat, we have to respect that. They probably really don’t enjoy costumes a lot of the time.”

It might be time to hang up those dog and cat costumes, folks.


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