The Reason People Risk Everything To CHEAT On Their Partner

Are YOU strong enough to resist?

The Reason People Risk Everything To CHEAT On Their Partner

It’s February, and love is supposed to be in the air just a little more than usual, but some of us are still plagued with the real or irrational fear that we’re going to lose the love we have in our life in one of the worst ways possible: cheating. 

It’s a story we have heard in our social circles and plastered across the news for centuries, of a partner cheating on their lover and losing all they held dear all for a fling. 

So why, pray tell, would anyone risk their relationship/marriage, all for an affair?

This question was raised by writer Kerri Sackville, who puts affairs and cheating down to one reason: lust. 

Lust is the driving force behind partners risking their love and family, and even their careers. 

Kerri explained how the force of lust is so powerful that people, more often than not, find it too difficult to resist, due to the hormones rushing through their body and compromising their rationality. 


Dan Savage of the ‘Savage Lovacast’ podcast explained that if you’re beginning to have feelings towards someone who is not your partner, then limit or shut off all contact with them so that further feelings can’t develop. 

Affairs don’t start as love - they all start as lust. 

Love cannot grow without you allowing yourself to let it… 

Prioritise love over anything else, because if you have love and lust in the same picture, many aren’t able to resist it. 

Shakespeare once wrote, “To be wise and love, exceeds man’s might” - will YOU be able to stand strong and committed in your feelings; to stay true to love and not be led astray by lust?

Have faith in your relationships, be strong in your control of any obstacles or lust that may appear - don’t ruin a lifetime for something fleeting…