The ‘Magic Mike Live’ Trailer Is Here & It's VERY Awkward

Hot or awkward? YOU decide

The ‘Magic Mike Live’ Trailer Is Here & It's VERY Awkward Youtube @ Magic Mile Live London

Magic Mike quickly became a sensation for reasons you can keep to yourself, please and thank you. 


We then got a sequel to the film that was based on Channing Tatum’s past, and now it’s got a live adaptation that everyone can go bonkers over. 

If this type of stuff tickles your fancy, then you might wanna book some flights ASAP, because Channing is bringing Magic Mike Live to London!


Channing has now released a new trailer for the live show and not only does it feature him trying out a British accent, but we also get a very awkward look into some guys training to be a part of the posh and polished show… 

Sound like your thang? Feast your eyes. 


The show might not ever come Down Under, so you might want to put these tickets on your Christmas list!


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