The Internet Just Can't Get Enough Of This $2 Coffee Storage Hack!

Do you have too many pods?

The Internet Just Can't Get Enough Of This $2 Coffee Storage Hack! NBC / Facebook

How do you make your coffee in the morning? Do you just use your trusty Nescafé Blend and pop in some milk, or do you have a full barista system that creates the perfect cappuccino?

Thanks to those wonderful ads with George Clooney looking all suave and such, a lot of people are making their morning coffees using pods and fancy machines.


If you're a coffee lover who uses pods but also likes a variety of different blends, then you may have pods literally spilling out of your pantry and just can't seem to find the flavour you want in that massive pile when you want it!

Luckily, if this something you experience every morning, Gina Baynham has the perfect solution for you!

This mum of three came up with the perfect storage solution for her mountain of coffee pods and it cost her less than $2!

The mum told Kidspot that she needed to store her coffee pods somewhere that was accessible, but seemed to have trouble finding a solution at first.

"I’ve tried lots of different ways of storing Nespresso pods — jars, boxes, you name it.

"Every time my husband comes home from the shop, he has bought new flavours to try and it drives me mad because I have to reorganise my storage all over again."

Then, she found an epic Bunnings Warehouse hack online that saved her coffee-filled kitchen!

“When I saw this idea on the Facebook group ‘Mums Who Organise’, I was so excited."

She ended buying a piece of PVC plastic from Bunnings for only a $1.80 and created the best shelving unit to hold every flavour of coffee her husband has brought home!

"It was so easy. It cost me $1.80 for the piece of PVC plastic at 2.4 metres in length."

Image: Gina Baynham via Mums Who Organise Facebook Page

Each strip holds about 8 coffee pods and completely cleared Gina's kitchen counter!

"The kitchen looks so uncluttered it has cleared up my bench surfaces.

"Next time my husband comes home from the Nespresso shop with new varieties all I will need to do is stick a few more lengths of PVC and I will have unlimited capsule storage."

Do you have a handy storage hack?

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