The Best Ways To Stay Entertained On Your Next Road Trip

Eyes on the road!

The Best Ways To Stay Entertained On Your Next Road Trip

How do you stay entertained on your group road trips?

We've got a few ideas to help you pass the time!

1. Play I Spy 

I Spy is a classic car game, and there are plenty of things in your car and out on the road to look at! 



2. Create The Most Epic Playlist Of All Time

Before you set off, each person should make a playlist of their favourite songs. The aim? See who is the ultimate music master. Make it even more fun by giving it a theme - 80s, pop tunes, girl groups, RnB faves, Disney tunes. 



3. Take A Detour And Visit A Town You've Never Seen Before

Get off the freeway and explore one of Australia's small country towns. Even if you just stop for a drink and to stretch your legs. Make sure you know exactly how far off the freeway it is or you could end up with a very long side trip. 



4. Listen To An Audiobook

Time absolutely flies by if you can hook up a good audiobook. Try something funny like Tina Fey's Bossypants or a classic like Harry Potter. This one is perfect for a solo road trip!



5. Play AlphaBucks On Your Phone

Yes the game you've heard on air is now an app that you can play on your phone - and you can even win $1000! Can you think of an actor starting with J? An animal starting with T? A Pokemon starting with S? Challenge the other people in the car and see how you all go! Download it here