The BEST Exercises To Help You Work Off Your Easter Treats

Because we ALL love chocolate...

The BEST Exercises To Help You Work Off Your Easter Treats

Easter is just around the corner and you are all probably preparing to devour some seriously delicious feasts and treats!

While we will all be forgetting about calories on Easter Sunday, we’ll all be feeling it on Monday and might end up regretting our binge… 

Sound familiar?


Well, if it does and you’re wanting to make a resolution come Monday, to work off those extra trees, then here are some simple ways to get it done according to what you ate!

100g Chocolate Egg

This may have tasted like heaven going down, but 540 calories later and you might start feeling guilty. 

If that’s so, hop on a treadmill and jog for 60 minutes to run that guilt away.

Hot Cross Bun

Everyone loves a hot cross bun during Easter!

One amounts to about 200 calories, so why not try getting out a punching bag and box for 20 minutes?

Cadbury Crème Egg

183 calories later, and the best way to work off this beauty could be a 50 minute walk~

Grab your bestie and enjoy the sunshine!

3 Mini Chocolate Eggs

They’re little, but they’re full of sugar. 

Three mini eggs will come in at about 100 calories, so 20 minutes of cycling will help you balance it all out. 

40g Easter Bunny 

Let’s face it. Most of the chocolate bunnies we eat at Easter are a lot bigger than this. 

But if you’ve been good and opted for the smaller size, you can give dance aerobics a try to burn those 200 odd calories!


We all probably ate more than is written here, or a dozen hot cross buns, so multiply it all out and you’re not exactly in for a fun time… 

Mostly, just get back in to your usual healthy routine of eating and exercise and you’ll be a-okay!