The $5 Kmart Hack That Could Completely Transform Your Kitchen

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The $5 Kmart Hack That Could Completely Transform Your Kitchen Ikea

If there's one thing everyone in Australia can agree on, it;s that you can never, EVER have too many Kmart hacks.

Which is why we get so damn excited when we discover another great one that will completely transform our homes.

If you're keen to give your kitchen a bit of an update, or really any older piece of furniture or appliance that may be looking a little worse for wear, one mum has had an amazing idea to make those items look brand spanking new!

Gypsy Hughes bought a second-hand fridge at a garage sale and when she bought it home it wasn't exactly looking fresh.

So what did she do?

She popped into Kmart, bought a few rolls of copper adhesive film and covered her entire fridge in it!

Image: Kmart

Now, Gypsy has an amazingly chic copper fridge chilling in her kitchen!

She posted the photos in the Kmart Mums Australia Facebook Group and the transformation is amazing!

Images: Gypsy Hughes

What piece of furniture would you fix with adhesive film?

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