Terminally Ill Rescue Dog Completes Her ‘Barket’ List

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Terminally Ill Rescue Dog Completes Her ‘Barket’ List

Pets are family and deserve all the love and care we can supply them with, so this story is touching our hearts. 

11-year-old German Shepherd Victoria, lived a pretty traumatic life for her first 10 years. 

She was born in a puppy mill and then used there as somewhat of a breeding machine, giving birth to 18 litters throughout her life. 

That’s anywhere between 100 and 200 puppies!

Not only this, but Victoria was attacked by another dog at a young age with her wound never being treated, which lead to her losing sight in her left eye. 

Victoria all suffered from Degenerative Myelopathy, which has meant her body has declined so much she has to use a harness attached to wheels to move herself around. Sadly, the disease has paralysed her back legs and will be what takes her from this world. 

To help her during her last days, Finding Shelter Animal Rescue’s co-founders, Steve and Grace Kelly Herbert, who took her in at the end of 2017, are trying to create a bucket list of fun activities for Victoria to complete. 


Pretty52 reported that they explained, "Terminally-ill dogs like Victoria are worth saving. They still have life left in them. She is a wonderful dog. She is so loyal and friendly, and she has a lot of love to give.

"If we're lucky, she'll last until the end of the year. Everyday is a gift with her.

"I said to my husband, 'Imagine all of the things she could have done in the past ten years if she had have been a dog that was free'.

"She's stronger and happier than ever before. Its about turning something negative into a positive.”

Here are some of the things on her bucket list:

  • Be a police K-9 for the day
  • Lead a parade with the local fire department
  • Go for a run on the beach
  • Be a ‘doggo DJ’ at a local radio station
  • And more...

"The DJ played a game where he put cookies over the names of each song.

"Whichever cookie Victoria ate first, that was the song that was chosen to play.”

This beautiful dog has also been a part of a study with Cornell University, enabling scientists to better understand her disease so as to help other dogs, too. 

"Because of the bucket list, her very broken body is giving back."

You can follow her journey here


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