T2’s Christmas Advent Calendars Are Perfect For The Tea Lovers In Your Life

100% MUST have!

T2’s Christmas Advent Calendars Are Perfect For The Tea Lovers In Your Life T2

Christmas spirit is already in the air and on the aisles of our local Coles, Woolies, Big W, and, well, every shop wanting to get us in the holiday mood. 

We’re already looking for the perfect gifts for our friends and family and we think we just found the perfect gift for anyone and everyone who loves tea!

T2 have released some amazing Tea Advent Calendars which your gal pals and mum will LOVE, called The Big Book of Secret Teas and Brews To Please Advent Calendar!

The website description reads: 

“Welcome to our very first tea compendium – a wondrously marvellous collection of facts, riddles, tid bits and interesting bits. As you sip your way through December there’s endless things to discover, plus keep an eye out for special treats and secret deals! 

The calendar includes “24 x Loose Leaf Tea/Tisane Sachets” of some AMAZING brews, so you might want to get onto this STAT before they disappear!

You can find them online HERE

They also have a 12 Days Of Christmas-themed one as well!

“Twelve teas kidnap the tastebuds of unsuspecting tea lovers, taking them on a wild journey through the night. Led by their wit and charm, each of the twelve teas in this pack is guilty of two things – their downright delicious demeanour and utterly captivating characteristics. Each day includes 2 teabags – enough for you and your favourite partner in crime! 

“Contains: 24 Tea/Tisane Teabags.”

You can find it online HERE


Tag your besties in the comments to give them the hint!


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