Struggle To Get Out Of Bed? It Means You’re Actually MORE Intelligent

Sleep is for the... strong!

Struggle To Get Out Of Bed? It Means You’re Actually MORE Intelligent

It’s a long weekend, so most of us will probably be sleeping in and enjoying the paradise that is our bed (unlike the unlucky few of us that had to haul our butts out of bed and get to work). 

Well, turn your minds to every other morning and ask yourself this question: do you struggle to get out of bed in the morning?

Or are you able to get straight up as if you just had a double shot of coffee?

According to studies, if you’re one of the few saying you struggle to get out of bed… you’re actually more intelligent. 


A study titled ‘Why Night Owls Are More Intelligent’ has reportedly proved that those of us who are more in control of when they choose to sleep and wake up, are smarter. 

In other words, if you hear your alarm in the morning and hit snooze and choose to go back to sleep… the theory is you are more brainy. 


The study goes on to explain that those who have evolved to sleep despite the interruption of an alarm ( i.e. waking up, hitting snooze, and going back to sleep), have been able to adapt to get what their body really needs. 

It has also proved that they likely have better problem solving skills, e more creative and independent. 

Seems like there’s not much to go off, but other studies have found results along the same line of thought. 

The University of Southhampton found that those who go to bed after 11pm and wake up at 8am are generally happier in life and earn more money than those who don’t.


If you’re sitting there thinking, ‘omfg, I sleep in all the time, I must be the smartest person on earth!’, slow down… 

TOO much sleep is bad for you.

The National Sleep Foundation of USA outlines that an adult needs 7-9 hours of sleep to function healthily, with over-sleep leading to a whole lot of health problems (just like not getting enough sleep!)

So make sure you're getting enough sleep, but not too much, and basically you're a genius. 

Sounds about right...