Sorry, The Whole 'First-Borns Are Parent’s Faves’ Is Actually TRUE


Sorry, The Whole 'First-Borns Are Parent’s Faves’ Is Actually TRUE Columbia Pictures

If you had a sibling, or siblings, growing up, you probably know all about there being a ‘favourite child’. 

Generally, some people thought it was the youngest child, and others thought it was the eldest. 

Now, according to new studies, it turns out that the first-born child is the one who’s most likely to be the fave and suddenly all our childhood fears are real… 


The study, published HERE, asked pairs of teenage siblings who were no more that four years apart in age, about their feelings on how their parents treated them. 

They were asked if they felt there was a difference in the way each was treated and how it affected their confidence. 

According to the research, 74% of mums and 70% of dads admitted to having a favourite child… 

While they didn’t want to admit which, when the teens were interviewed, the results revealed that there was always a heavy bias towards first-born children, which in turn gave the second siblings a huge knock to their confidence. 

While the study initially set out to reveal that first-borns were more hard done by, it instead found that the eldest child was more liked by their parents. 

Why? It’s believed it’s because they were first to succeed at things, like school and sport, and reach milestones. 

We need to have a serious conversation with our parents now…