Sorry, But Older Siblings Are The WORST Drivers

No Tokyo drifting for you!

Sorry, But Older Siblings Are The WORST Drivers ABC

Do you have younger siblings and like to rub it in their faces that you’re the better driver, because you’ve been driving longer?

Or are you a younger sibling, who thinks it’s about time your older bro or sis stepped down from their high horse?

Well, this might just be that moment, because according to new research eldest siblings are the worst drivers…


The study, from Privilege Car Insurance, looked at the driving habits of 1,395 people. 

The results? 89% of older siblings are more likely to speed, with 35% of them being whacked with a fine because of their bad driving habit. 

They also found that 46% of oldest siblings were more likely to drive towards the middle of the road, instead of sticking to their lane. 

Even further fuel to the fire was found in that:

  • 47% are more likely to cut off other drivers on the road
  • 30% are more likely to break the law through using their phone while driving
  • 17% apply makeup while driving

This all meant that 22% found themselves in minor accidents and 15% in serious ones. 

Looks like your older siblings dreams of living out ‘Fast & Furious’ are over...

Does this ring true for you, or are you an older sibling who’s going to vehemently refute this?

Let us know in the Facebook comments!


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