Sorry Australia: Left-Handed People Are Officially Smarter

Shout out to the lefties!

Sorry Australia: Left-Handed People Are Officially Smarter

Image Credit: Fox. 

We know for a fact that a lot of you like to tease your left-handed friends, for reasons we really aren’t so sure of. 

But news from some recent studies might have the tables turning, because new research has revealed that left-handed people might really be smarter!

IFL Science recently conducted a study which looked at the connection between handedness and things like mathematical ability, to see whether the myth of left-handed people being smarter is true. 

The science news outlet explained that as hand preference is a manifestation of brain function, that it is linked to cognition. 


They revealed, "Left-handers exhibit, on average, a more developed right brain hemisphere, which is specialised for processes such as spatial reasoning and the ability to rotate mental representations of objects.”

The study showed that left-handed people’s nerve cells that connect the two brain hemispheres (corpus callous), often tend to be larger than those in right-handed people. 

This is thought to give them a superior information-processing ability. 

It isn’t clear as to why this increase occurs, though. 

Many believe that because left-handed people are forced to acclimatise in a world of majorly right-handed people, means they have to use both hands and therefore have a greater link between the sides of the brain. 

If the theories are true, training ourselves to be ambidextrous could improve our processing abilities!


The studies also showed that left-handers out-perform right-handers at mathematical skills.

Sorry folks, but from the research results, left-handers are better at problem-solving and maths puzzles!


All these famous creatives were left-handed, so who knows, maybe it’s true…

Leonardo da Vinci, Aristotle, David Bowie, Jimi Hendrix, Bill Gates, Albert Einstein, Neil Armstrong, Winston Churchill, Paul McCartney… the list goes on.