Someone Invented A Dipping Sauce Holder For Your Car 'Coz Nuggets Are Life


Someone Invented A Dipping Sauce Holder For Your Car 'Coz Nuggets Are Life Kickstarter / NBC

We've all been there... we've been stuck in traffic, patiently waiting for the other cars to move an inch and so hungry that we're tucking into some crispy McNuggets and trying to balance the accompanying sauce on our laps or dashboards, only to have it spill everywhere when the traffic FINALLy starts to move.

It. Is. A. Nightmare.

A group of people in the U.S understood just how difficult of a situation this is and have created something so simple, so mind-blowing, so life-changing, that we're surprised no one ever thought of this before (or if they have, kept it too themselves).

A few designers in the U.S have created something called the DipClip, which is a little invention that clips onto your car's air conditioning vents and allows you to slip any fast food dipping sauce container into it's little slot.

The clip is adjustable, so you don't have to worry about your cars abnormally thick air conditioning vents, and can fit almost any sauce, including your own concoction!

If you have a special sauce you like to use for everything, you can pop a little bowl into the clip and use that instead of the sweet and sour sauce Maccas gave you.

If you're worried about the whole thing bouncing everywhere once you get through the dreaded traffic jam and can actually do the speed limit, you can rest easy knowing that this thing is tough!

It won't budge at all!

The DipClip has its own crowdfunding page and it's very close to reaching it's goal, so if you're keen to have one of these puppies in your car, you can get involved here