Signs That You’re Body Actually HATES Caffeine

Do YOU need to give up coffee?

Signs That You’re Body Actually HATES Caffeine

Coffee is a gift of the gods when you wake up in the morning for work and walk around like a zombie. 

It’s love at first sip, because when you have a drink of your coffee you can suddenly take on the day like you’re a super hero. 

The only thing is that, well, coffee isn’t the best thing on earth for us all and there are telltale signs we can look out for to realise that either:

  1. Our bodies actually HATE coffee, or
  2. We are in need of a break from caffeine, because our bodies can’t handle any more.

Sucks to say it, but our bodies kinda do need a caffeine break from time to time and there’s a few signs you can look out for to find out when it’s time to put that cup down. spoke to Dr. Michael Tanious of House Call Doctor to find out these signs. 

Michael revealed, "There are a number of symptoms of caffeine intolerance or hypersensitivity. If you are experiencing any of the following it could be a sign that your body doesn’t handle caffeine well: nausea, heart racing, diarrhoea and tremors.”

We all think we know the side effects of having coffee, but there are some symptoms we may brush aside that actually need to be paid attention to.


“These symptoms differ to the ‘normal’ effects of caffeine, such as loose bowel movements and increased energy, as they are far more severe.

"While most individuals drink coffee to perk up in the mornings, those with a hypersensitivity to caffeine may feel like their heart is racing as a result of just a few sips.”

This sound familiar?

If so, it’s been advised that you give up coffee for good. 

"While you may enjoy, and even believe you need, your daily coffee, you should consider limiting or stopping consumption altogether when symptoms begin interfering with your normal daily activity.”

According to research, those who feel the effects of caffeine more than others are inclined to developing more health concerns, like liver or heart disease. 


It’s all about moderation and making sure you keep tabs on your health and how different products affect you. 

"It is important to remember that while food and drinks containing caffeine may be delicious, caffeine can also be addictive. If you limit or discontinue your caffeine intake you may suffer from withdrawal symptoms such as nausea, tremors and headaches."

Everything in moderation, folks.