Scorned Bride Takes Down Husband & Whole Family In BRUTAL Facebook Post

Hell hath no fury…

Scorned Bride Takes Down Husband & Whole Family In BRUTAL Facebook Post Fox 2000s Pictures / Reddit

You know that old saying, ‘Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned?’

Well, you’re about to find out just how true it is, because this bride came down so hard on her husband, family and friends after cancelling her wedding, that we need to sit down and take a moment to digest it all.

Meet Susan, the woman who was to wed her long term boyfriend and asked her wedding guests to “donate” $1500 so they could have the “blow out” dream wedding they always wanted. 

Of course, you can imagine that $1500 isn’t just something everyone has in their pockets to gift at any given time, but Susan wasn’t having this. 

After guests refused to help out with the cash and she and her partner split only days before the wedding was supposed to happen, Susan took to Facebook to post the most brutal rant of all time. 

She started by telling everyone she called off the wedding, broke up with her partner and was going to delete her Facebook account and travel to South America to backpack and escape the “toxic energy.”

But it didn’t stop there...

Susan’s self-proclaimed ‘mini-novel’ of a rant went H.A.M on everyone around her and everyone’s concerned, confused and bamboozled by the wrath she unleashes. 

Go grab some popcorn and take this chaotic story in below, which was reposted to Reddit here.


As much as everyone wants to go on about how unreasonable and ludicrous all this is, we really, really hope that Susan is okay.




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